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Unlock the Potential of Bitcoin Mining and Innovative Cash Flow Opportunities

Join us on June 25th for an Exclusive Private Webinar Event

A lot of news has come out fast and furious revolving around Bitcoin these last few months. ETF’s are all fighting for assets and the industry saw 3 billion flow into these in the first two days alone.  The news and most likely the volatility in Bitcoin will not end any time soon.

However there are other aspects to this asset class that many don’t have knowledge on quite yet.

Would you like to take 30 minutes and learn about how Bitcoin mining works and more importantly how we engineered a product that may provide consistent monthly cash flows?  Join Sean and Kevin as they discuss the partnership Valiant Digital struck up with Deep Hash Digital Mining LLC, a Bitcoin mining firm that has been running mining and data centers since 2018.

Sean will talk about how we structured a Reg D investment that gives accredited clients two different ways to participate in the mining industry. One as a potentially steady cash flow monthly that targets 15% a year and a second separate fund that gives investors the chance to participate in 50% of the net cash flow from the mining firm.

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