Providing Access to High-Yield Secured Notes that help diversify your portfolio through the Financing of Mass Tort Litigation

Valiant Litigation Finance provides financing support to a firm that co-counsels with the industry’s leading mass tort law firms representing claimants who have suffered harm due to the actions of large corporations. With a focus on non-correlated, secured note investments, our team’s experience in legal, financial, and portfolio management ensures attractive returns. Invest in an asset class historically accessible only to large hedge funds and institutional investors.

The Valiant Advantage

High-Yield Portfolio Diversifier

Explore Proofpoint Fund 3, designed to provide access to mid and late-stage litigation investments. Reduce risk and increase case values by investing in later-stage cases with approved expert witnesses and successful bellwether trials.

Litigation finance offers independence from market fluctuations, making it an attractive alternative investment opportunity for diversification.

Join now and benefit from cases typically settling within 24-36 months of filing.

Our Unique Advantage

We work closely with our clients to provide not only financing, but also operational support that includes market analysis, strategy on allocation and tort selection, and settlement strategy consulting.

Additionally, unlike hedge funds and institutions, Valiant principals are both experienced financial professionals as well as lawyers, who have managed litigators and litigation process for decades. This experience makes our team uniquely suited to assist our legal clients in achieving unparalleled success in their mass tort practice.

Finally, Valiant is one of few private lenders in the market that, by virtue of its principals being attorneys, have access to statistical data related to tort settlements and other key performance indicators that allow our clients a decisive advantage in the operation of their practice.

Current Offering

ProofPoint Fund 3

Valiant Litigation Finance is proud to present a $50M secured notes offering for post-bellwether mass-torts. Accredited investors, family offices, and institutions are invited to participate.


Mass Tort Litigation Finance

Offering Amount


Security Type

1.5X Secured Notes (1.5X face value)

Minimum Investment



24 Months, 12-Mo Settlement Extension

Investment Products

Coupon 15%

Available to

Accredited Investors

Provides litigation financial solutions that reduces risk.

Pursuing justice for claimants requires strength, resolve, expertise and a detailed understanding of risk. Our combination of legal and financial expertise, combined with secure capital funds, means we can move quickly to deliver tailored litigation finance solutions that remove some or all of the financial risk associated with litigation.


Established Market Leader in Law Firm Lending

Founded by attorneys, we understand the financial hurdles that law firms face. We provide attorneys significantly greater financing than banks as well as flexible repayment terms, lower interest rates and access to industry knowledge that no other lender can provide.

Impressive Experience You Can Trust

The Valiant team has decades of experience as attorneys and has held executive level business positions. Additionally, the team has successfully negotiated, litigated, tried cases, and managed high-profile litigations for the past 15 years.

No Gimmicks,
No Limitations

We provide financial resources under terms that you understand. There are no hidden costs or complex fee arrangements. We never charge pre-payment penalties, audit fees, draw fees, ticking fees, maintenance fees or any other charges often hidden in loans.

Free Lending Consultation

Established Market Leader in Law Firm Lending

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